Thursday, January 3, 2008

What the New Year is bringing...

It's summer. The bay should look like this. We can't see any of it. We have torrential, monsoonal downpours obliterating everything but we can't even say the drought is broken yet. The dams are still nowhere near capacity & a lot of the rain seems to have missed the catchments ~ again!

I have slept a lot ~ catch up time after the year we've had ~ spent a lot of time on the computer. I must be feeling better. I've started putting together a study on China for Ditz. I have all these amazing crafts & am starting to look forward to the start of the new school year. Even Ditz has stopped snorting like a rhinoceros when she sees the reams of paper spouting from the copier & has snuck a peek at what I am about to torture her with! She hasn't said a word ~ which is good news for me. I am about to order her next lot of readers from Sonlight & want to see if I can get her interested in the Green Knowe books. My only quibble with Sonlight is the heavy emphasis on American authors (understandable for an American company) but there are so many other great books out there. I need to order the math ~ something I have been deferring for months. I so wish we could ditch that subject. Neither of us finds it in the least interesting & I am so tired of being told how important it is when I know jolly well ( having lived that way for years) that so long as the basics are in place one can manage very nicely for all practical purposes ~ & Ditz is very capable. She has to be; she's my daughter & only one mathematical moron per household is allowed. My rules. Science we will just pick up where we left off & our language tutor is again available so French is on with a vengeance. Better than my mangled attempts. I hope to have everything in place before we go away. That way there should be no hiccups when we come home. It's nice to dream. I bet there's something; there always is.


Mrs. Darling said...

Ive only heard monsoons via recordings on the TV. They sound incredible though...all that running water!

I hate math too. ..Simply hate it!

Constance said...

I'm back and running about 90% after being sick and all of the Holiday Hooplah and playing catch up.

We had a lot of rain here in texas last Spring and had some pretty severe flooding. When dave & I went fishing at Lake Texoma last month, the flood lines were still visible high up in the trees. The guide put it in perspective. The amount of water that is typically in the lake was nearly doubled!

Don't know anything about Quaker's other than they make good oatmeal! Ha Ha! (We have Quaker brand oatmeal and such here in the US)

Where does your mom live? I'm assuming from your last 2 entries that that's where you're headed.