Thursday, January 10, 2008

This is my life!!!!

As some of you know I do the occasional message at church. So there I was, oh so happily, typing up my message from pages & pages of notes when, CRASH!!!! Noooooo computer! Dead as the proverbial dodo. Meltdown describes my condition pretty well. After all most of my message was locked inside a grey metal box & totally inaccessible.

Sian, God bless her little cotton socks, came rushing to the rescue & put all the pretty pieces back together again so we are up & running again. So why am I here? Because I'm the world's greatest procrastinator, that's why, & I work really well to short deadlines! Obviously I feel my Sunday deadline needs further shortening!


molytail said...

ack - i'm always afraid of my computer going belly up like that... i have tonnes of photos and stuff on here that i'd be soooo upset to lose....

i'm glad your friend was able to get yours up and running again!!

(heh, i play that procrastination game quite well too)

Constance said...

I'm the opposite kind of personality. I hate the stress that comes from procrastinating! It just makes me sweat to think about that kind of pressure!

Have a great weekend!

Ganeida said...

Oh I sweat! My addled little brain just keeps telling me if I procrastinate long enough it will all go away. The stress! The stress...!

Persuaded said...

I'm sorry my dear...I do love you, but I must say that I most definitely have secured the title of "World's Worst Procrastinator!" See my pre-Christmas post for proof if you dare.

I am Queen of procrastination... but you can be Princess if you really want. Really, you look more like a princess anyway;-)