Saturday, January 5, 2008

In between the showers.

The rain stopped!!! No cooking for us. I headed for the bathroom & began shovelling clothes in the washing machine. Sad experience has taught me we will probably only have a short break in the weather, so wash fast! Dino wants fishing clobber.

Dino & Theo took advantage of the dry to do a spot of fishing. I remind myself of all the horrible things they could be doing & aren't. Something still alive & gasping its last in the bottom of an esky just makes me sad. I'm such a woos! I supplied the lemons & eggs & abandoned the kitchen for the computer. Loud wails from Ditz. Her horrible brothers told her they were frying up some crumbed chicken. Ditz loooves crumbed chicken (can't stand fish) so turned on the charm. One bite & she realised her mistake but they made her eat every last bite. Don't you just love brothers!

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Mrs. Darling said...

My brothers used to do that sort of stuff with me too! LOL