Thursday, January 24, 2008

Home again, home again, jiggerty~trot.

We are home again. Ditz is so pleased! The trip home is always quicker & less fraught ~ apart from leaving my mother. As soon as she thinks she is unobserved she shrinks a little & looks suddenly old. It is horrible & I know she will find any excuse to not go straight home to an empty, silent house. (Ditz is unforgettable & makes her presence known!) Even knowing mum is living exactly where she wants to with many friends & help only a button away if she needs it, even knowing she keeps really busy & has an excellent quality of life, I hate that we're not close enough to drop in for afternoon tea regularly. I hate leaving her & I know the hardest part for her of having visitors is having them leave. I rang as soon as we got home (knowing mum likes to know we've arrived safely & that all is well & as it should be at our end) & left a message. As expected she wasn't home yet!

However my cat is sooo happy to have me home again, poor thing. Despite the heat he had a good collapse all over me & enjoyed the fussing of a thorough grooming. Silly boy! He won't let anyone else do it. I'd assume he had candy floss for a brain if I didn't know how smart he was but poor Liddy was in a tizz about him. She was in charge of running the house & I left the money with her too & she complained that Iss wasn't eating for her. She was worried until someone thought to tell her the boys had been feeding him fishy tit bits!

Work, once they discovered I was gone ~ Liddy's lunches no longer arriving on cue! ~ gave her a hard time about having to fend for herself but despite the fact I make the child's lunch most days & run it up for her so it's fresh she is perfectly capable of running the house while I'm not here & no~one is looking thin & woebegone. However every time I rang home I managed to miss Lid & as she hadn't spoken to me in 10 days I got my ears talked off! The boys aren't the world's greatest conversationalists.

And it is so nice to be back in my own home again! It may be chaotic & disorderly & unfinished & disorganized but all the people I love most in the world are here.


Persuaded said...

It is so hard to watch one's parents age, isn't it? My parents have always been so vigorous, stylish and is a huge adjustment for me every time I see them these days to reconcile the bent backs and so-easily-tired limbs with the mom and dad I have always known....

I of course remain exactly the same as I have been for the last 30yrs;-)

Mrs. Darling said...

It is so true that home is where the heart is!

Cjay said...

please stop calling me diiiiittzzztyyyy