Sunday, January 20, 2008


We toddled off to church with ma, Sunday morning; Anglican (Episcopilian? if you're American), liturgical, not what Ditz is used to at all. She won't ever take communion at ma's church. After the first hymn ma leant over me & whispered in Ditz's ear, 'You're not singing?' As Ditz has sung non stop since she arrived ma can be forgiven for wondering but neither Ditz nor I knew any of Sunday's hymns so remained noticably silent.

I grew up with the liturgy so know my way round, sort of. They keep changing things, including the Lord's Prayer, which we still say the old way, so gabbling away happily am likely to find myself out of sync with the rest of the congregation who have all learnt the new words ~ or at least use the prayer book!

However as the old testament reading arrived I felt the Lord whisper in my ear,'Pay attention, now ~ There is something here for you.' The reading was Isiah 49 which begins: Listen, o Isles, unto me, ye people from far; the Lord hath called me from the womb; from the bowels of my mother hath he made mention of my name... You may giggle. I'm sure the Lord has a splendid sense of humour & I will be investigating this chapter more thoroughly when I am back on my own computer. There is no way the minister could have known there would be people from far islands in that church service!

We walked from Mudjimba to Macoola on Saturday. All I can say is ~
Yuk! The beach has disappeared. There are exposed rocks, nasty pebbly things underfoot, hordes of tiny bluebottles, & filthy foam. It was bad enough to force us to walk back along the boardwalk in our bare feet. Ma was sorry she'd taken us but it is the same all up & down the coast. The beaches are in an awful state. Still fortified by icecream & an excursion I have been decimating Ditz at both scrabble & gin & finished a Kellerman (whom I've never read before & found a little too gory) & a Picoult, whom I have read & like very much.

Meanwhile the beginning of our school year creeps ever closer. Ditz is alreay dragging her feet.


kimba said...

Saw the dirty beach foam on the News. Doesn't look quite natural to me. I hate to think what might be in it. Love to Ditz.

Mrs. Darling said...

Well it looks like maybe God was talking just to you in that reading at church!

Sorry about the beaches. That must not be any fun at all.

eliza said...

I surprised about the beaches .
I haven't heard anyone say how bad they are.Is there another sermon in
God's words to you there.?

Persuaded said...

I was raised Episcopalian and I have to say that although the scripture readings follow a calendar and therefore aren't subject to the choosing of the priest, very often they seem to really "hit the spot." hmmmm...must be a God thing, eh?

that is so sad about the beaches...

MamaOlive said...

So which way do you say it?
I'm always going along "and forgive us our debts" only to realize everyone else is saying "trespasses." Which version is that anyway? King James for me, thanks.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on the chapter mentioned (I'd like to see all your sermon notes online). Some goofy groups think this is one of the 'proofs' that the British are really one of the so-called 'lost tribes' of Israel.

Too bad about the beaches. That's about how our closest one was when we lived in south Texas.

MamaOlive said...
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