Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Wet Weather Wednesday.

The beaches are closed. The surf is pounding. We can hear it under the rain drumming on our tin roof although all our surf is on the other side of the big island to the east of us. In all the wet I got migrainy & crotchety (& sooo much fun to be with!)
However cruising from blog to blog I found 2 really great plain Quaker sites. I tease the uninformed by telling them Quakers were the first pentacostalists. Put that beside the vision of 'plain', as in Amish, & people's minds boggle. Only the quakers would actually have come up with a definition for people like me who dress plainly, modestly, cover, yet do not own a single dress. Yes, you read that right.

And to add to my joy now the headache is backing off I'm heading Kimba's way. (Watch out Kimba!) My book on Homeschooling For Eternity has arrived & needs picking up. I had visions of saving it for the long train trip up to my mother's in a few weeks time but in all this wet I can't see me resisting that long.


Mrs. Darling said...

I need a good book to read. Maybe I should peek into that one.

Persuaded said...

Hmmmm.....I'd be interested in those Quaker sites. I have always been very drawn to their way of thinking. Maybe I am a Quaker in disguise...a very *chatty* disguise, lol.

and I am so jealous of your tin roof!