Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nearly Home.

Today (Wednesday) is our last full day. We head home tomorrow morning. The beaches are closed. Strong wind warnings combined with high tides & the surf patrol tower we regularly walk past has tumbled into the sea. The area between the designated surf flags has been getting smaller & smaller each time we go to the beach so no surprises to find them closed. Yesterday the tide surged over the boardwalk around the canals where Ma lives; same thing about to happen today. When I rang home Dino picked up; he's been home the whole time I've been away although he was suppossed to head out to sea a week ago. With all the teens around full time stores are depleted so I guess my first chore will be replenishing the pantry.

We saw Amazing Grace in the village theatre ~ big leather recliners, coffee on tap, lovely! As I've just read Betsy (about Elizabeth Fry, the prison reformer) the history was fairly clear in my mind. One to own I think. The song is Ditz's all time favourite hymn & we did quite a study on it's origons a few years back.

I am starting to fret internally about all the things I know need to be done before school resumes & I'm itching to be back on my own computer so I can catch up with all you lovely ladies properly. However, Olive, we say 'trespasses' as per the King James Version according to Oz; I never can remember to say 'debts', which always makes me fret about unpaid bills & a particularly silly add on T.V. I am surprised you are interested in my 'sermon' thoughts, knowing your views & I'm definitely no theologian. Need my own computer to acced to your request though. Thoughts & insights always welcome. There is always more to learn about everything, especially God.

Persuaded, you are so right about the calender thing though personally I can't imagine doing a message that I hadn't got directly from God, which isn't to say he can't work through the man made channels, just it seems like a lot of extra jumping through hoops to me. I love Isiah & am looking forward to chasing this one.

Chariot Press has recieved my order & everything from Sonlight is on it's way. I do love getting our readers & God is so good. I was interested in the Chinese treasure chest (we don't use Sonlight for history, just all their resources :) ). Someone in the States offered their unused pack ~ only shipping was more than the pack was worth. It's 1/2 price just now so I've ordered one. Thank you God, who knows before we even ask what we need. I also decided this year it was about time we started some more formal bible study. I want Ditz to do some apologetics, hopefully next year; her critical thinking skills need a little more honing but if she insists on moving into the music industry, as she seems determined to do, she'd best be well prepared. She's actually excited about that ~ which surprised me! One of Ditz's good points is how much she loves God. However I do like to skim material I'm teaching for the first time before I have to use it & this time I know we'll be schooling before I've had a chance & I'll be scrabbling to stay one step ahead of everything. I have research to do too as rather than generalised research this year we will be doing more compare & contrast type stuff so I will be modeling to start with. Ditz is about to have a spac attack over that! We will be looking into Japanese art & music & comparing it with Western music. Forget Ditz! I will be learning a lot.

Still waiting on Choir information & am fretting because I need to know how long I've got to buy uniforms & make~up & all the other paraphenalia that is sure to be an 'extra' for that particular program! Get in contact with the flute teacher to find out which days are available for lessons, which I can't do till I have the choir information. Watch me spin! Just as well I'm going home. I may still be treading water but will feel more productive. lol.


Constance said...

I'm home as of last night. I hope you have safe travels as well. Plying catch up on my bloggy friends, editing all my pictures, workng today (2 houses to clean), driving teenage boys to Youth Group this evening, making dinner, hopefully posting tomorrow, Hello real world, I'm home!

Loved "Amazing Grace" movie too!

MamaOlive said...

Need to see that movie, and "Becoming Jane" as well.

Don't be surprised at me! I like to learn, and you style of teaching sounds right up my alley. Bob agreed that your chairing the board (or however you called it) is exactly the right thing to do.

Take a minute to breathe; you know it always works out.

Mrs. Darling said...

I am sorely tempted to buy Sonlight just for its books. Maybe I will.

Tink joins choir on the 4th of February and believe it or not she asked to! Thats amazing from her!

Ganeida said...

Yoh, Connie. Glad you'tr back too. :)

Oh, Olive ~ breathing is goood; I just need to remember to do it! Becoming Jane was awesome. My Liddy & I giggled all the way through it. Subtleties, subtleties...

Mrs Darling: we cheat with Sonlight & only buy what we actually want rather than their full program because it is so expensive but history & English are my strong areas so I am very comfortable doung that & suplementing. Luckily many of their recommendations are already on my shelves!