Monday, January 28, 2008

The Best Laid Plans...

We were going to shop...but I woke up this morning migrainy; mainland shopping not the best option, especially as Ditz had her violin lesson first. After such a long break that went overtime as well so I decided we might as well finish the morning by schooling. Ditz sooo not happy.

We have placement tests. ''This is boooring,'' was the Ditzy refrain as she galloped through the spelling test. What could I say? It was boring & Ditz only got one word wrong so I do take her point.

Onwards & upwards. I decided one test a day to the end of the week was enough & there was no need to leap straight into her full on academics so I gave her the craft project ~ one Japanese lady in a kimono bookmark. She was happily occupied until I could decently call it quits for the day, swallow a 'happy pill' & sleep of the flashing lights & nausea. So much fun & not an auspicious start to our school year.

I am going to try something a little different for spelling this year as rote anything tends to drive both Ditz & I rather wild eyed. Long lists (even short lists) have us swooning with boredom & frankly it's not conducive to actual thinking & thinking it what I want Ditz to do more of. Someone pointed me in the direction of a free downloadable with 29 spelling rules for English ~ which strikes me as actually being rather sensible. Teach the rules & when to apply them & you don't actually need to teach spelling? If anyone has tried this & failed miserably please let me know so I can reconsider before Ditz decides spelling is out the door.

However after much prayer our church Chair has reconsidered & when we hold our AGM next month will stand again & I have happily withdrawn my application. It's a God thing. When I went to withdraw it the Chair grinned at me & said it wasn't actually even legal as I hadn't actually signed it. I was suppossed to sign it? Sometimes I wonder about me. The practicalities of life so often escape my attention.

Well, I'm off to make quiche because real men eat quiche. In this case they're going to have to wether they like it or not because that's all that's on offer tonight.

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Destination...Gloryland! said...

I started using "All About Spelling" and really like it. She does go through all the rules, one at a time and has a 10 word list to practice with. She uses letter tiles to reinforce concepts, so it's more hands-on. Anyway, it's kind of a hybrid of what you've been doing and what you are considering. My children are young and this is the fist spelling program that I have actually used, but there have been quite a few veteran homeschoolers that have recommended it. Might be worth checking out...