Sunday, January 27, 2008

Blessings from on high.

The Lord has so blessed us in the past few days! Here we are, on the brink of a new school year, & it's not only Ditz who is unmotivated. I was feeling very ho~hum; barely a spark to get the old engine thrumming so what has the Lord done? Sent a huge blessing our way in the shape of another homeschooling family.

Now if you are one of the blessed families with homeschoolers all over the district & a large, supportive homeschool group, pity those of us less fortunate who go from year to year never speaking to a really truly live homeschooler! Most of the homeschoolers I know are *virtual*. Worse, of the *real* ones I know the kids are so academic I can barely bring myself to admit we homeschool too & my bright little Ditz is all about music & art. *blush*

So when this new family rocks up to church the entire church rose up & practically threw her my way saying, 'Oh, jeannie homeschools too!' I tentatively enquire about curriculum...She does her own. I consider our large empty hall with no stone for me to crawl under & hide. She tentatively offers they throw maths books at walls & have crying sessions over math. My ears prick. Could they possibly be....? Yep ~ music & art!!! Her girl is the same age as my Ditz & the girls have hit it off. She plays French horn. Mum teaches brass; has already offered to do theory with the girls together. Yay! I offer to put them in touch with the community band & offer a loan of our Sonlight readers.

They have just arrived from Britain; struggling with the culture shock, so today I rounded up Ditz, took chips & dip & we went visiting. Double blessing. She was so thrilled to show me what they are doing & I was so thrilled to be shown. Here's someone else gearing history to music & art! I came home really excited about our homeschooling again. Sometimes we need others to sharpen us, blow away the cobwebs, give us back our vision.

Blessings for my social, extroverted little butterfly who's constant refrain has been, 'but I don't like being all on my own! No~one else has to homeschool.' Well, guess what, Ditz? She's really missed having Liddy round for schooling company. I have a head full of new ideas, new angles I haven't thought of & I can't wait to start up again...which won't be tomorrow. Tomorrow we shop. The freezer is quite, quite empty & while the Ditz & I might be prepared to go vegetatian the men in out life certainly aren't!


MamaOlive said...

That is so awesome! I'm excited for you.

Constance said...

Revival is always like a fresh breeze blowing across the soul! I love how the Lord answers the needs and desires of our hearts! It's especially greaat when we get to point out those very things to our kiddos so they too, can see that God cares about even the tiniest details of our lives!

Mrs. Darling said...

Isnt that something? It goes to show that one way of homeschooling is not the only way. Tiknk isnt about anything. Seriously! She is taking music and such but she doesnt particularly like it and she hates school work! Your fortunate that Ditz is passionate about something!

Ganeida said...

Olive, thank you. Cleaner than diapers but I've yet to be convinced it's easier.

Connie, it's great to be able to point out God's blessing to Ditz ~ though I think my pointed comments are probably less kind than yours would be. lol. Why does a grown adult want to go, 'Nah, nah, ne na~na!'

Mrs D., I am sooo grateful Ditz is passionate about something. Useful outlet for all her energy.

Persuaded said...

that is so cool! and to think you weren't even asking the Lord to send you another family- He just did it because He knew you had need. I love those kinds of miracles:-D actually I love all kinds of miracles!

MammyT said...

Ganeida, I do know what it's like! I'm so happy for you. I homeschooled my girls when we were in the Alaskan bush and also when we lived on a boat in Prince William Sound. We never even saw our 'master teachers' for months on end. Our school supplies were sent out by airplane. How do you get yours? Once they couldn't land because of the weather, and so air-dropped some supplies for a science project on the beach. The thermometers for our weather station were not broken!

Ganeida said...

mammyt: my brother & his family are cruising Asia in a catamaran. They are with a state distance program for school & their stuff is chasing them from port to port! lol. Our supplies come in the mail via boat. I am intrigued. Alaska always looks so lovely in pictures ~ cold, but lovely. Our mail managed to break our thermometers the one time we ordered them. Never again.

Persuaded: I like *everyday* miracles too. It reminds me that God cares for us in the details. :)