Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On ADD...

Ditz is ADD. She has the attention span of a gnat ~ & that's on a good day. Lessons go like this:

Me: The yo scale is a pentatonic scale of ascending intervals...

Ditz: Did you know I've got a wobbly tooth?

Me: The yo scale is a pentatonic scale of ascending intervals...

Ditz: You want to see it wobble? Look... (wobbles tooth ~ gross)

Me: The yo scale is a pentantonic scale of ascending intervals...write...

Ditz: You know you can shatter crystal with this note? (proceeds to sing. I don't know about shattering crystal but she can bend minds)

Me: What are you up to? Pentatonic scale...Pentatonic ...p-e-nt

Ditz: I can spell pentatonic.

Me: So write...

And so on. The good news? Ditz actually understood all about the pentatonic scale & proceeded to explain when I handed her the piece of Sakura to illustrate her paper on Japanese music.

This is why Ditz is not in a regular classroom. Distractability is the name of the game & one of us needs to stay focused. And yesterday was a good day. Ditz did her writing test. She wrote most of a foolscap page ~ excellent for Ditz. She remembered to paragraph. Her spelling was correct. Her piece (on why being a cat would be a great life) was witty & well thought out. She had a punch line. Why, I wanted to know, were there no capitals? Because spell check does it automatically for her on the computer. Duh!

So writing test, bible, history & despite the complaints Ditz was working well so I hand her over her text book & her science paper. I tell her it's an open book exam as one thing I know about Ditz for sure, she is a visual learner & she skim reads fast because that gives her the visuals, which means unless she's specifically asked to do it she doesn't read for information. Twenty questions; match the question to the answer. An hour later she's managed just 3 questions. *sigh* I am practicing patience. Lots & lots of patience.

This is the same child who will patiently sing the same passage over & over, totally focused. I am counting my blessings. Despite her energy levels she's not got the hyper aspect of ADD.


Constance said...

Although I never home-schooled I have read several bloggers describing their home-schooling efforts. I think that it very obviously has merit because too many times, children are warehoused into public education in a "one size fits all" mentality. Homeschooling is a blessing for kids who can't be squeezed, like a square peg into a round hole into conventional methods. As Moms, we know our kids better than anyone else and I think it's wonderful for those kids who have Moms willing to take on the task of their education in a way that enables them to learn, rather than crippling them!

Cjay said...

hey stop callin me ditz It's really gettin on me nerves
. .
oh and that so did not happen you only repeted that sentence like 3 times lol

Mrs. Darling said...

Kids! She sounds like Tinks twin!