Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Old Order Changeth...

My boys are moving out...again.

Theo is moving into a share house on the mainland with mates for work reasons.
Dino is moving interstate (again!) for study purposes.

The old order changeth to make way for the new. It is a much quieter household when it is just Dearest & his girls. Saner. Better for Ditz's schooling. Far fewer distractions. Less running around for me. Yes we miss them but they'll be back. We have their car... their boat...their surfboards... the crabpots & fishing rods...& the cat! They never move out with all their belongings. They come & get what they need when they want it; they just don't bring it home again. Come to think of it, when Theo ran out of clothing & I began enquiries I found everything he owned was in the back of his ute...wet, mouldy, & dirty. Enough said.

Which brings me to today's meltdown moment. I remember I was sick at the end of the last school year; very sick; fluey; dying by inches sort of sick. I distinctly remember saying to Ditz we would just finish up her science & call it quits, which Ditz did, beautifully, all on her own, including the experiment that makes no sense to either of us, but whatever. And we packed everything neatly away; promptly forgot all about it.

So I cleaned of the very large desk that sits in our living room because we can't find another spot for it at present & I am tired of Ditz wasting hours each & every term on the excuse she needs to clean her desk before she can begin work because inevitabley her desk is snowed under & overflowing with whatever craft project is flavour of the month. Then I hunted up all her shool books that have worked their way to the bottom of the pile & stacked everything neatly on her desk, sorting through as I went. Oh no! What's this one? Have I even seen this before? Yikes! Apologia science has tests at the end of each unit? The tests we obviously didn't do & it's been 8 weeks since Ditz opened a science book! I can assure you Ditz is going to have a major meltdown when I suggest some revision might be in order. The science wasn't popular the first time around. Second helpings will not improve its flavour. Frankly I can do without the drama, drama, drama but I will get it anyway. I could do without the tests as well. Like mother like daughter. Ditz never remembers the things to be tested on, only the obscure, arcane & so much more interesting things that nobody ever asks about. *sigh* Off I go to bite the bullet.

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