Thursday, January 17, 2008

Holiday news.

My mother has taken the Ditzy one to water areobics this morning & a good thing too. The child is not expending enough energy & that is not a good thing. The weather, overcast & rainy for the most part, has not helped although we were out shopping yesterday morning & went to the village ''chick flick'' in the afternoon ~ A Good Woman ~ which is someone's version of Wilde's Lady Windermere's Fan, which had me at least giggling. I do like Wilde; strange & funny, just the way I like my entertainment.

We have managed some short walks but the wild weather has ruined the beaches & we are dashing between showers. Today the sun is attempting his thing & we are having dinner in Noosa at a friend's roadside restraunt. Hopefully that will mean a walk along the boardwalk & through the park beforehand. Being so confined with reading, jig~saws & limited computer time is not Ditz's idea of a wildly thrilling holiday & if she keeps serenading her ma day in & day out ma may just remove her tongue ~ permanently. lol. joke, though she does ask me how I live with the constant noise on a permanet basis? I tune Ditz out regularly. It's the only way to survive. At least it is a tuneful & happy noise for whatever her faults Ditz is a happy little camper prepared to enjoy whatever happens to the absolute fullest. She makes me tired.


Mrs. Darling said...

I hear ya. Whenever I have times that I need quiet I just remind myself that some day I may just wish for the sounds of activity around me.

eliza said...

Yes its hard . Isn't there a marine
park up there to visit

Persuaded said...

My little guy requires (and I do mean *requires*) at least an hour or two of vigorous physical activity each an every day, preferably outdoors! His behavior suffers terribly if he doesn't get it, but with it he's an angel. I can only imagine how wretched he'd be cooped up, lol!

prayers for you, your mama, and Ditz ((hugs))