Monday, January 14, 2008


We left the island about 12.30 pm ~ minus the drink bottles which were Ditz's responsibility. As she pointed out, obviously she's not responsible enough for such a responsibility! ??? Six hours later we arrived at my mother's, rather worn round the edges. Ditz did read on the train~ Lewis' The Magician's Nephew ~ for about 1/2 an hour, then proceeded to ask me questions to which I couldn't possibly provide an answer, such as what we would have for tea & what we were doing tomorrow (which is now today!) She is playing ping pong with someone else's hyper grandchild at present (grandma is supervising) & then going to see the WaterHorse with them at The Maroochydore mall. Rather them than me. That place is enormouse & in the wet packed to the ceiling with tourists. Ma is hyperventilating. Ditz is like a whirling dervish in her quiet, ordered life & much as she loves the Ditzy one is rather pleased she doesn't live with her full time.

I left them too it to sneak on here having checked my e~mails & ordered Ditz's next lot of math & had a meltdown. We are getting closer & closer to the algebra. Algebra is just silly in my book. Why play guessing games? I'm sure there's a perfectly good reason why people do these things but not one I can possibly grasp & while I am quite happy to do geometry, which I actually like & understand, am looking for ways to avoid both algebra & calculus ! And if you think Ditz will weep, think again! She's my girl!

Sorry folks. No pictures until I am back on my own computer.

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Constance said...

I will be travelling myself on Thursday. I am flying to St Louis so I can spend the weekend with my oldest daughter Jennifer, for her 30th birthday.

I'll get to visit with my Mom and Pop as well. They have a kitty cat who is not doing too well. She'll be 20 in June and the poor thing is probably bound for Feline Heaven where the catnip is plentiful and the purring never ends. My timing for a visit might be very good then.

Enjoy your visit with your Mom,