Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Weakness for Murder.

I rarely watch t.v. I just don't have the attention span for it but I do have a weakness for gritty British crime series ~ Morse, Frost, Midsomer Murders, Macbeth ~ most of which anyone in The States probably hasn't seen, you poor things, you.

The Best of them all is Jonathon Creek. (The Brits have a thing for names!). This wonderful little show has the added bonus of totally doing my kids' head spaces in. It is as weird as all get out & I do so like weird. It is spooky. It has the best theme music.

Now in my house we all like murder shows. I know...I know. Surely we can find something better to put in the empty spaces between our ears! This means we are pretty good crime solvers ~ at least as done on t.v ~ & Liddy & I have these running wars on who can solve the crime right & first!

Which is why I like Jonathon Creek sooo much. He is not predictible! The shows are almost impossible to solve & keep you guessing to the very end. Then there is weird. The man invents magic tricks. He lives in a windmill. (I want a windmill too!) He works for a magician & in his spare time (what's that?) solves the unsolvable crimes. They are also child friendly in the sense there is no bad language, rarely any actual gore, & good morals (well the ones I saw were good.)

It usually airs late at night here, so far too often I fall asleep before it's on & I can't use the video (huh?) so it's a rare night I am still bright eyed & bushy tailed when Jonathon Creek comes on. Rarer still, for some reason I have since forgotten, both girls were up with me when the first bars of the theme music came on. 'What are you warching, mum?!' Liddy asked. Leery. She knows I go some very strange places & she had no intention of going there with me. 'Murder mystery.' I flapped my hands to shush her because I have enough trouble without missing vital clues. So she sits with me. After all, she too is partial to a good murder. Ditz takes my other side seeing as we are being very boring & insist on being riveted to the t.v.

'This is sooo spooky.' Liddy edged a little nearer. Ditz was mezmerized. I think it was the one the victim dissapeared from a windowless, locked garage. Impossible, right? The running commentary started up. I just love watching a show that requires attention with the peanut gallery jabbering ~ 'that's not possible! What's he doing? What is that music? How can you watch this?' I suggested they go to bed. This was not recieved well. Weird, spooky, strange ..& did I mention addictive? The next week Liddy videoed it for me (so she could watch it with the sun up & the lights on!) This Christmas she ordered me the first series. It hasn't arrived yet but it is something I am anticipating with pleasure.


Mrs. Darling said...

I cant watch nay thing scary of I dream about it for days to come. Tink is the same way.Peter is tooo young so only Dad watches this scary stuff! You guys should play Clue! Bet you all would be good at it!

Ganeida said...

I can't do horror at all but years of archaeology equates to a strong stomach when it comes to murder mysteries. Ditz was breast fed to archaeological digs & exhumed, long deceased bodies.

molytail said...

i should see if we get that on any channels - there's a few that used to play a lot of british shows... you caught me with "He lives in a windmill" ...

do you watch any of british comedies, by chance? "are you being served" is an absolute fave of mine when i catch it on :-)

Ganeida said...

Ooooh, yes, Are You Being Served! To the Manor Born? One Foot in the Grave? The Hyacinth Bucket (Bouquet!) one? Dad's Army? No wonder our kids have a well cultivated sense of the ironic.

Persuaded said...

OK..not a crime story fan here *in general,* but a good British drama can pull me in any time! There was a PBS show, Mystery, that aired some of them..we watched Morse, and one with Helen Mirren(can't remember the name, sorry). They also had some of the more classic detective stories Miss Marple and the like. Great fun, I do agree.

and Brit Coms? Oh, does TV get any better than that? To the Manor Born was a favorite, Did you ever see As Time Goes By? with Judi Dench...that one's my all time fave. Oh, and who could not love Hyancinth? LOL!

We don't have tv any more, and this is why. I am completely distracted by a good show! Thanks for reminding me of the wonderful-ness:-D

Ganeida said...

Helen Mirren was great! Had to send Ditz to bed for those; she was mortified but there are limits...As Time Goes By, yep! The Brits are clever enough to not overkill a good thing so these are shows that are watchable more than once. lol. My kids adored To the Manor Born & got the jokes ~ the show hasn't really dated at all in one sense.

Constance said...

Helen Mirren is a new movie here,
National Treasure, Book of Secrets" It was an enetetrtaining ride.

Our big mystery show is "LOST". If you haven't heard of it it's about a plane that crashes after leaving Sydney onto a remote island which isn't what it seems. It's been very interesting to say the least!

Our other addiction is the new "Battlestar Galactica" series on the Sci-Fi channel. The final season begins in March and we are on pins and needles!


Ganeida said...

Dearest & the kids are Lost fans; it just annoys me but in general I don't have the patience for t.v. I'm one of these dreadful people who reads while they eat so they've got something to do!