Friday, January 25, 2008

How the other Half Lives.

The other half in this case is my Ditz. If you've been around for a while you've heard me complain that like many really bright kiddos Ditz's brain works faster than her hand can write & getting it all down, however that happens, is more important to her than dull things like grammar & punctuation.
So why has the child been engrossed in writing a 'best seller' by hand since NaNo finished? Good question. And why has she begged & begged for a blog of her very own? I have no idea. Venture in at your own risk but like many other homeschooling parents before me (& the many more who will come after me) I am just desparate enough to use anything that comes to hand that will strengthen a child's weak area. I am so delighted she is writing anything at all of her own violition I am even managing, more or less (ok, less rather than more) to bite my tongue over her non~existant punctuation.
I have 5 children. They all scribe as though they were chickens scratching through the hen house. Maybe it's genetic. My oldest & my youngest have the worst handwriting of the lot ~ completely illegible. Both write really good stories & they both like the computer. Hey, whatever works! Judging by their handwriting they should both be doctors!
We are still suffering, 7 years later, from the idiotic teacher who told Ditz she couldn't write with coloured pencils, only a grey lead pencil. She's a visual/spatial learner & arty. The look of the thing was at least as important to her as the content. We've done glitter pens, coloured pencils, textas, calligraphy pens with coloured ink (Ditz loved this one but it got real messy real fast) ~ in fact anything at all that Ditz was prepared to write with. I think I'm winning. Maybe. Sort of.
Oh, right. You want to know where this masterpiece is? It started as CJay's Waffle though I think it's metamorphasising into something else & there is a link over there somewhere. Good luck!


Persuaded said...

Very cute.. the blog and the girl:-)

i love the picture of the two of have such a lovely smile:-)

Mrs. Darling said...

Yep Tink hates writing too. I dont think she will be starting her own blog though because the computer hurts her eyes. It is indeed frustrating to say the least!