Saturday, January 12, 2008


Iss has gone into meltdown early. I was having my shower this morning when Iss joined me in the bathroom, something he normally avoids like the plague. Not only did he join me in the hot, steamy bathroom he partially climbed into the shower tray with me trying to get to me & then he started squeaking at me. Normally he is a very silent cat so this is very abnormal behaviour.

Ok, I admit I told him Ditz & I were going away for a few days; I thought it would help if he was prepared. Apparrently not; he's just become neurotic. He's hardly let me out of his sight.

Anyway, today was D~Day for the message ~ all beautifully typed out in print large enough for me to read. The entire church has had a traumatic week dealing with a rather messy issue & lots of angst & heartache; I'm really good at angst. I practised a lot through my teen years & I've got it down pat. I wept. I prowled. I couldn't sleep. I fussed at Dearest & read through the message with him for his discernment. I got sick & went to bed. How anyone lived with me I do not know! I must have done a really supurb job on the angst because Ditz said to me as we drove home from Saturday's piano lesson, 'I'm coming to church with you tomorrow, mummy. I don't think you should be there on your own.' Aw! Isn't she a sweetie? I got up this morning & Dearest, Liddy & Ditz all lined up for church as my support team. I felt like I was about to give birth. P.U.S.H! (pray until something happens) I gave birth to a lovely peaceful service ~ well not me actually, but you know what I mean.

Our leader today is a very, 'hallelujah! Praise the Lord!' girl but knowing my preference for a more Quaker style of worship ( I hate people leaping straight into prayer when I'm still trying to wriggle onto the Lord's lap; I always feel like I'm running to catch up with things) she paced things very differently to her usual style & I think the congregation was truely blessed.

Now I'm a 'you need the background before you can grasp the scriptures' girl so I always do my background research, which for Solomon's song of Songs touched on David & Bathsheba, Solomon & all his multitudes of women (can you imagine the PMS in that house?!), traditional Jewish weddings & the Temple before I actually got around to the theme which was about how we practise loving God. I worry that it probably drives the non~history buffs completely nutty but our resident ex~Jew was delighted & we had quite a conversation later about all the places I could have gone & hadn't; For which the people of God can be profoundly grateful or we'd all still be there with me pontificating away! lol. Next time. He's suggested doing something on the temple & I may just (as the Lord leads) because the parallels with Christ (which I just glanced at today) & His people are very interesting ~ to say the least. I do love research. I could happily research forever but we are told to share all good things which I find much, much harder to do.


Anonymous said...

So glad the message went well. As someone who is relatively ignorant about scriptural background but who loves all teh details I would probably enjoy your approach.

Re Issi -- never tell a cat that you are going away beforehand. On the other hand, it can have some unexpected benefits: since I came back from a 3-week trip away, my snooty, aloof 4th cat has been piling on the bed with the others. It's taken her 16 months to do so.

Enjoy your holiday.

Siano (who's given up on the whole password thing)

Ganeida said...

Of course you would enjoy my approach, darl! You know my methods, least as well as you know my cat! You would love all the fiddly squiggly detail. I just don't know what you'd do with the scripture...?

I am still trying to wrap my head around your chocolate prezzie. My small mind boggles...

Persuaded said...

I'm on the's church today, and I had an extra child overnight, which means an extra child to look presentable, breakfasted and out the door on time(and one not used to the Sun AM routine, to boot!) YIPES! and I must have my hour of quiet time before they all wake up or the world will come crashing down;-)

anyway, in spite of all that I wanted to tell you that this post was wonderfully well written and interesting- I bet you do a marvelous job at speaking (angst or no)

oh, and also all purpose flour is *not* self rising flour. I wouldn't know what to do with self rising... I think it scares me (must be something about the name!)

anyway, off I go!((hugs))

Ganeida said...

Why, thank you, mam ~ both for the compliment & the information!

kimba said...

I believe all purpose flour is what we in Oz call plain flour.

Constance said...

I LOVE attention to historic detail. So many people say that the bible is boring. Granted, some of the detail is a bit overwhelming when it comes to parts of the OT but boring!? I think not! I am amazed at the way Christ is woven all through the OT! That background is crucial to understanding the culture and unstable times when Christ was born and began His earthly ministry!

Poor kitty sounds like he needs a tranquilizer! Or is it you? Ha Ha!