Thursday, December 6, 2007

What Ditz found in her bed.

When Ditz went to hop into bed this is what she found amongst the doona! By the time she'd grabbed me & the camera it was hopping all over her room & there was no way Ditz was touching it. The child who removed a dead mouse from my toaster without batting an eyelash had serious issues with a little green tree frog.

I have no idea how it got there or why it thought Ditz's bed was a good place to be but stay it could not.

I wet my hands so as not to damage the frog's sensitive skin

& prayed Issi didn't come investigating the commotion. Up north they grow to a huge size & like to live in the toilet bowls. There is nothing more disconerting when you are in no position to run shrieking through the house than to have something damp & clammy attach itself to your bare butt!!! True. Ask Dearest.


Destination...Gloryland! said...

I cannot imagine!!

Constance said...

WOW!!! I wouldn't have known to wet my hands first, that was a great idea!

When laura was little, I was her Girl Scout Leader for 6 years. Every year we did a camp out at a nearby lake that had cabins. I had to remind the girls to hang their shoes on the hooks and zip their duffle bags closed if they were on the floor becasue of the scorpions! One year our family encountered a rattlesnake on a campout down here. Now THAT was an attention getter!