Friday, December 21, 2007


Wow! We had a really good crowd turn out though it was just Ditz & I from here. Liddy was in bed with a migraine, Theo had disappeared to a work related thingy & Dino was still at sea; he arrived in this morning & now the boys are both at BFC (boating, fishing, camping) oogling their wares but I seem to be digressing worse than usual!

So I'm standing next to Ditz. My mistake. Every time the sopranos went high Ditz followed them! My poor eardrums! Gloria in Excelsia (which I can't seem to spell today, sorry Kimba :) but I fixed Juliette up, poor misguided girl )was nearly the end of me. I like the bass notes. Now the child wants to add the Singers to her list of things to be involved in. I don't think so.

Every year for 17 years J has asked if anyone can name all Santa's reindeer & every year some of us can name one or two but no~one can name all of them. As J says, we haven't learnt much in 17 years! I'm thinking of doing a study in time for next year. I'm of an age now where it will take me a good 12 months to memorise a dozen names. Poor Ditz even needed prompting to remember Bethlehem was the town Jesus was born in. I think she'd been wool gathering & suddenly found she was expected to be knowledgeable & intelligent. Ha! I know the feeling. Ditz is starting to whirr & spin. Christmas is only 3 sleeps away & the pantry is stocked with goodies!

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MamaOlive said...

The infamous reindeer question! That was one of the games at the kids bingo that we went to. A million children went up front and all tried. They finally gave the prize to someone who could say 4 of them.
Bob and I sat at our table and quietly compiled the list. Taryn and the other children had no idea what they were talking about. hehe. I love it when someone mentions a widely known cartoon or such nonesense and my children have the blankest look on their faces.

I think it's Dancer, Prancer, Donner, Blitzen, Comet, Cupid, Vixen, oops, I forgot! Oh well.