Friday, December 21, 2007

Island carol.

We have our very own Christmas carol that an islander & the church pianist concocted between them.

It's Christmas on the islands
The air is warm & still
The sounds of night are loud & clear
The tree frogs voice is shrill.
The stars are bright as diamonds
They herald Christmas morn
We wait & we remember
When Jesus Christ was born.

Glory to God on high
Salvation from almighty God
Began with a baby's cry.

We celebrate this happy time
The time God sent His son
To be a living sacrifice
To die for everyone
Please don't forget the reason
The sacrifice was made
And take some time to thank our God
This Island Christmas Day.

Glory to God on high
Remember God's salvation
Began with a baby's cry.

1 comment:

Destination...Gloryland! said...

What near lyrics! Have a wonderful Christmas!