Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dreams & things.

Sometimes your kids surprise you. I knew yesterday's audition was really important to Ditz. I missed just how important. Today, being flute & the last lesson of the term, we trotted 2 islands over in all the heat & humidity to find, as so often happens, music is at the bottom of every one's priorities except for the band master. Ditz gets a one on one lesson & after band we could have gone home but Ditz opts to hang round to hear the theory class repeated & I get the sense she is touching base musically with what is known & comfortable. Sure enough as we head back to the jetty she starts talking about the audition again & I begin to understand that in Ditz's mind this is huge! This is not the island. This is not church where everyone knows & loves her quirkiness. This is professional. For the first time she's had to really put herself on the line & it's been ok. More than ok. Ok, now I get it. No wonder the child couldn't sleep last night.

In many ways this has been Ditz's year. Everything she's touched has turned to gold. Liddy had a year like that in year 7 too. The boys had years that were great years for them but I'm mum so I'm trying to keep everything at least somewhat balanced so in amongst all the hoo~ha of varying degrees surrounding Ditz (her brothers are more impressed she gets into the footy free than that she gets to sing the National anthem to open!) I turn to Liddy because this works for her too & the penny's just hit bottom for me. The ensemble rehearses Wednesday night. Liddy trains Wednesday nights. I can drive both girls in & out & though it means a bit of hanging about for both, less travelling & no having to rely on other people. I feel tired already.

The boys, busy cutting the apron strings, have plans & dreams too. Dino is about to quit his job, round up his savings & head south to acquire his Masters. He should have enough sea hours now & he wants to skip. Crewing is for the birds. Whatever. So long as he stays away from the Bering Sea or he will hear all about it from me. Theo is months away from finalising his trainee ship & though he is a bit behind his income should soon skyrocket & wont he like that! Which leaves Jossie. I wish that child would occasionally ring home just to say he's still breathing in & out. Never thinks of it & no good trying to ring him. Either no~one's ever home at his place or they have a rule that says no~one's ever allowed to answer the phone, ever.

Which reminds me...Tomorrow I'll post pics of what Ditz found in her bed last night. And it was me had to run the rescue mission! No, I'm not telling. It would spoil the surprise.

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Constance said...

Good Morning from my side of the world! Congrats on the music audition!! That IS huge! It's wonderful when your children find their passion! That was one thing my beloved always prayed for our kids to have. Our son wants to be a Meteorologist (since he was *10 years old). While Laura was in high school, her passion was Civil War Re-enacting. She managed to make Corporal and even ran her own cannon crew. It's hard watching the kiddos grow up at times and yet the sense of accomplishment is wonderful!

I enjoyed the plane story! When I was a kid we used to drive over to a "viewing area" near the airport. We would watch the planes take off and land. I loved the deafening noise! I used to cry when they would take off and say "come back". When they landed I'd say, "Welcome home".

What do you expect from a 4 year old goofy kid?