Saturday, December 15, 2007

Peculiar Ministries.

God gives us some peculiar ministries ~ as those of you who have been reading here for some time will know. I got an odd one last night.Theo had gone to the movies on the mainland with a mate & as per usual rang when they got to the island before ours to say they were home so someone was ready & waiting with the car when they reached the jetty. Dearest took the call & came & woke me. Now before you wonder why on earth Dearest didn't just hop in the car & go himself instead of disturbing my much needed rest, Dearest is on the sort of pain medication that means you don't want him on the roads once he's taken it; really you don't. More to the point, no~one wants to get in the car with him.So I blearily toddled out to the car & headed off down the road in the happy confidence that at this time of night the island has pretty much shut down & the only other thing I'm likely to see on the road is a stray owl. I was pretty surprised to suddenly see a teenager running towards me waving their arms wildly. If I had been more awake I probably wouldn't have stopped. Wildly arm waving teenagers I don't know in the middle of the night being somehow more threatening than wildly arm waving teenagers I don't know in broad daylight.He got in the car & asked if I'd do a uey (u~turn) & drive him up the road as he was being pursued by persons unknown & sounded completely terrified. I had 2 boys waiting for me at the jetty so told him he could come for the ride or not but I was picking them up first. Besides 3 males looked much safer than the terrified one I already had in the car. Theo couldn't have been more surprised to find me arriving to pick him up with an unknown male in the back seat!I delivered everyone safely, saw nothing & no~one unusual as I drove home & haven't the least idea what that was all about nor why I was the appointed safe haven for some random boy I will probably never see again. Life is a great mystery.

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