Friday, December 28, 2007

Piano lessons.

The child is a drama queen extraordinaire! Saturday mornings she subjects 2 households to exquisite torture...piano lesson time! Now piano isn't for examinations or anything except pleasure & some basic math skills but like so much else Ditz is quite a capable little pianist who does love to make a fuss & it was on this morning. Finding music that challenges her but is not too demanding of her skills is the bane of Sian's & my life because whatever is put in front of her an immediate wail of, 'That's too hard!' goes up. Naturally it's not & with a little effort Ditz usually manages quite nicely. Sian understands her beautifully, though there is so much distraction it's no wonder piano is a trifle hit'n'miss.

However this morning was exercises for the left hand & the basics of transposing & you would have thought Ditz had been asked to perform the absolutely impossible. A lot of fuss & bother for something she was managing quite nicely by the end. And it can't have been too bad. When she's really put out she thumps out Wig~Wam at full throttle knowing perfectly well at least one person in the house can't stand it & everyone else will be howling about the tempo, the timing & the mistakes. She does know how to make her point, does Ditz!

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Persuaded said...

Oh, my.... she sounds just like my little guy with his reading lessons. The drama does get a bit wearing, does it not?

Thanks ever so much for your kind comment on my blog:-)