Monday, December 17, 2007

Home is the sailor, Home from the sea...

Dino beat the weather home, arriving unaccounced & unexpected. I was pontificating at bible study so missed his arrival but Dearest & Iss were both here to welcome him. He hates it if no~one's home when he gets in & promptly warmed the cockles of his father's heart by saying how nice it was to have a family to come home to for Christmas. Funny boy. He doesn't spend much time here but he likes to know we're here.

Meanwhile Theo is in clover & working next door. He rolls out of bed just before 7am & strolls over sipping his cuppa & finishing off his toast. Home for a hot lunch. (Can I afford this?) And he has the work truck over so has his own set of wheels.

Ditz & I are filling in our Mondays with the bible study we can't normally get to & drop off Liddy's lunch on our way through. This confuses her & the first week she wanted to know why we hadn't brought up her lunch. Howl of protest from Ditz (who had hand made & hand delivered it )that yes indeed she had got her lunch! Liddy, being busy at the time, had put it in the fridge & promptly forgotten it & consequentially starved all day. Silly kid. She didn't let it out of her sight today!


Constance said...

It was a crazy busy weekend so I'm catching up this AM. Interesting story of the young man who flagged you down. Pretty scary when you think about it- it could've been soemone up to no good and yet every day there a re REAL people out there, sincerely in trouble! Thank God it all turned out well.

Kids are something-you never realize what an impact we make on them as parents sometimes. My grown children surprise me a lot sharing how important that sense of family structure has bee in their own lives! Nice to know that you've done something right!

MamaOlive said...

How nice to have your children accounted for.