Thursday, December 20, 2007

Theatre ruminations.

The theatre workshop finished yesterday with their version of Dicken's A Christmas Carol. Interesting is the term to use, I think. As only 1/2 a dozen children participated, the props were minimal & the audience was only a hands breath away, it was as much an exercise in nerves as anything else.

Ditz loves nothing better than an audience & once she got over her initial shock of finding me in the middle of the front row (not my choice but I was late & that was all that was left) & inclined to a fit of the giggles she settled down to enjoying herself.

These sessions are free so it was nice to find them at a time we could go as so many of Ditz's activities cost me an arm & a leg. They are doing an introductory Shakespheare next year I want Ditz to attend as she is not going to find that gentleman easy no matter how we approach him but at least this way she might see it as 'fun.' It is meant for the older teens but Ditz has been invited. Apparently she has 'potential'. *sigh* I just hope they don't do Romeo & Juliet, which has always struck me as soap opera incorporated & has me rolling in the aisles with laughter. The first time I saw it, in about grade 9, I had to stick my jumper in my mouth I was giggling so hard while absolutely everyone else was weeping into their tissues ~ & that, of course, just made the whole thing funnier. I know; I'm terrible.

There will also be an Aboriginal art & theatre workshop, which is probably meant for the indigenous kiddies, but the artist likes Ditz & has had her eye on her since the art comp when her 'dotty' picture used an Aboriginal technique. Whether we will have time for all this remains to be seen.

None of this is very Christmassy. A Cristmas Carol, when audience & actors alike are wringing wet from the humidity is just too, too funny. However tonight is carols night, which is always in the Anglican church, stinking hot, beset with hordes of mosquitos & sandflies & terrific fun. Whoever is home always comes with me, if only because they put on a jolly good feed afterwards.


kimba said...

Sorry Ganeida, Juliet is still not right, and you have repeated the mistake up ahead. Don't worry we forgive you.

Ganeida said...

Better? lol.

kimba said...

Yes, Thank you.