Sunday, December 9, 2007

Bird Tricks.

It's been a big week compounded by Dino arriving home from sea. Now when Dino comes home he sleeps in the bedroom between Ditz & Liddy & for some reason (ie Theo & Dino arguing about who exactly is responsible for checking the crabpots at 4am when Dino's home) Ditz is constantly being woken before the crack of dawn. This is not good news. So knowing both boys were away for the weekend I happily anticipated Ditz sleeping until the sun was at least up. Unfortunately sun or no sun, boys or no boys, my days invariably begin before it is light outside so I was not happy to hear Ditz trudging up the stairs while it was still dark.

I stopped typing long enough to eye her disapprovingly & suggest she go back to bed whereupon she sagged against me unhappily & confessed she'd spent 20 minutes trying to turn off her alarm only to discover the drongo has learnt yet another trick! Argh! Now the bird has learnt to mimic her alarm & park himself under her window to boot the child hasn't a hope! I wonder how long before she learns to sleep through the sound of her alarm going off?

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Constance said...

In Texas, our official state bird is the Mockingbird.They imitate or mock other birds and so they can be quite lively! They are very territorial as well. If they have a nest nearby they will dive bomb anyone or anything that is, in their opinion, too close!

We have a cockatiel who is very entertaining! He is able to do this incredibly annoying squawk sound which will sometimes get him banished to our bathroom, the door shut and then our bedroom door gets shut! Then I turn up the music to drown out whatever I can still hear! He's as sweet as can be but once in a while I wish he could getlaryngitus! (sp?)