Thursday, December 13, 2007

I should have been a hermit.

By yesterday afternoon Ditz had had enough. She was begging to come home & I was getting a little wild about the eyes. The fact Liddy's car completely died between the last time I drove it & yesterday morning did not faze me. These things happen. The child just needs to get herself a heavy duty battery. However the fact we were now 2 boats & 2 buses behind schedule was the sort of recipe for exhaustion that a quick fix of Chineses take~a~way was not going to rectify in a hurry. Christmas was fast losing it's rosy tinge for Ditz but she was the spare pair of hands I can't do without & she is a cheeful little bunny who willingly plodded round the shops after me while I tried to decide what to buy the daughter it is impossible to buy for. (Car things this year apparently.:)) At some point she put the chosen present down & we never did find it (luckily not paid for yet!) The boys were easy & what I wanted 1/2 price ~ even better ~ but the packages were big & we staggered home on the bus & boat sagging under these enormouse boxes only to find both Dearest & the cat were in meltdown. The cat is sleeping on me again at night, a good sign he is feeling neglected & insecure. Liddy wanted a boat ~ bible study break~up dinner for a bible study she's never attended. ??? Theo was at a cricket training break~up party. No way could I manage to stay awake that long so was crawling in & out of bed; I am not the one who has trouble sleeping in this house.

Today Dearest's parents celebrate 50 years of marriage. The whole family & 1/2 the island is arrivng next door some time this afternoon. I will be good & socialize; 50 years of marriage is nothing to be sneezed at but I'm starting to envy Dino, sitting in his little blue puddle contemplating his navel & well out of it. If it wasn't for the smell of fish & that I get sea~sick over the slosh in a tea cup I would join him.


Constance said...

In 2001, my in-laws had their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Dave's youngest brother Perry & his wife Peggy brought them to Texas so we could celebrate. I made a Turkey Dinner and had 2 special cakes. We took them to a place called Mideval Times where you sit in an arena and watch knights joust, accomplished riders display their horse's agility & abilities, eat with your hands and so on. It was TONS of fun for everyone, except my FIL. He's a rigid type guy who doesn't like to be even the tiniest bit out of a routine!!!

The next morning we took them to the RR's HQ where my hubby works and I served us all breakfast on their old fashioned train cars. dave had gotten permission to access them. He tok a lot of photos and this was the highlight for them!

We lost my MIL last year to cancer. She died the day AFTER their 55th Anniversary!

On a happier note, I hope your family enjoyed their celebration!

MamaOlive said...

OOOh, I've always wanted to go to Medieval Times, but never got to. I guess now I'm in England I'll just have to find some actual castle to visit. Boo hoo.