Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ditzy Ditz.

I have in my hot little hands 2 bits of paper. They both arrived today. One is the results of the standardized testing. According to that Ditz is remedial material & I can't teach a monkey to shell peanuts. The other is the report card our umbrella school sends out twice yearly. According to that the child's a genuis. Go figure! The school has her work on record & I know the sort of games she was playing during the testing out of sheer boredom. It never pays to bore a bright child. No wonder so many of them end up in remedial programs.

Now I am fending Ditz out of my room where her brother secretly deposited his Christmas gifts with instructions to wrap & tag them for him as he headed back to sea along with some extra cash & a list of what he'd like on the Christmas table! I don't care what the test results say; there are no flies on Ditz!

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