Monday, December 3, 2007

Homeschoolers quandary..

Ditz does some beautiful work but what I want to know is what do we do with it now? We don't need it for record keeping & I don't have lots of storage but if we just chuck it out does it say it wasn't worth doing well in the first place?


Constance said...

Trying to catch up with a prolific poster! (you) I got a laugh over the "houseboat". I have a few plants around the house but I have pruned back the jungle from earlier years! I hope you're more in the Christmas spirit than when I read your post from a couple of days ago. This Sat is athe one year anniversary of my brother's death and I know that Mark's anniversary is the next. I'll pray for your family if you'll pray for mine!

Your friend in Texas!

Destination...Gloryland! said...

I've heard the advice regarding homeschool projects to take pictures of them and then let the child make their own scrapbook with them. Just a thought...