Friday, December 7, 2007

Drongo alarm.

As soon as the first grey streaks of dawn lighten the sky around here the whar~a~whar~a~whar~a sound of a car alarm going off starts up under our window. Somewhere, sometime our resident drongo heard one & has added the abominable noise to his repertoire of sounds guaranteed to attract the female of the species. He can do a rather good lawn mower starting up too. I might feel miffed but I believe there are lyre birds that do a good chainsaw imitation so I count my blessings.

Drongos, although inclined to be a little shy, are terrific clowns & while my inlaws were away & their pool was gradually turning green with algae a drongo family took to dive bombing into the murky water every afternoon. They had great fun chasing each other into the water, skimming it like skipping stones & generally creating havoc. It's rather a pity my inlaws prefer to swim & dumped heaps of chlorine in it as soon as they got home.

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