Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Audition.

As I said, Ditz was auditioning this week for one of VM's choir ensembles. I have been subjected to strange renditions of Nellie Furtado everywhere we went all week. The child was so relaxed I seriously couldn't believe her but no problemo; I had all the nerves for her. One of the joys of being homeschooled & clever: not too many putdowns come your way.

So I dutifully took her to the mainland on the appointed day, at the appointed time & as we were driving into town this little voice quavered, 'I think I know what they mean by nerves now!' Terrific timing! Yep, serious butterflies had hit & not in the least helped by the soaring humidity which dropped a bucket of rain on our heads & held the proceedings up for nearly 20 minutes while we waited on the choir director's arrival & the other contestants began arriving & lavishing hair spray & dying swan acts around in equal proportions.

Now I don't think Ditz chose a particularly easy song & she was a capella to boot when she has never ever soloed anything before in her life so not so surprising she drew a complete blank when she went to sing. The very first word had fled completely, which is so unlike my Ditz she was more surprised than unnerved. However she was unnerved enough to start a little flat, also unlike her. I thought she'd blown it completely but as she gradually gained confidence the dizzy Ditz began shinning through in all her glory & she managed all her changes nicely so I was able to stop cringing in a corner. The next bits were a breeze by comparision. Ditz has played music games with Sian for nearly 4 years & can hit the high G on a good day so she was really back in her comfort zone. She has a reasonable musical memory & I could have told you Ditz would 'hear' the descant in the triads.

I'm expecting to wait months for a result but no, Ditz is told then & there she's in & which ensemble she's joining. She has scored herself 99% (& all I heard all the way to the boat is how losing one percent just wasn't good enough yada, yada, yada. Loopy. Completely. ) Alison was really happy with Ditz. 'You've never sung like that for me before,' she enthused & reckons she's come a long way in just 6 months. God's timing. Ditz is ready now for the next big music stretch ~ & she's about to get it. The ensemble she's joining has the singers who really impressed me during the Strawberry Festival.

All the way home on the boat I got, 'Guess what? I'm in.' Yep, I'm pretty proud of my Ditzy Ditz(& she's pretty proud of herself too) but as Dearest said with a smirk, Ditz is never going to look at Idol the same way ever again.

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Destination...Gloryland! said...

Woo Hoo!!! Congratulations!!!