Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A little rain.

After 20 years we are still building. The garden is doing better than the house but truth be told I care more about my garden than I do the house. (yes, the house is in there somewhere.)

A little rain & everything becomes instantly, lushly green. Hard to believe a month ago we were brown & dried up for want of good rain. With so many new houses going up all around us I'm pleased we put the garden in early on. It means we get to keep our privacy & really no~one can complain that we designed it back to front with our clothesline facing the road because we were here first & I refused to have it cluttering up my view of Quandamooka. Why would I want to look at our washing when I can look at the water? Or their houses when I can have trees?

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MamaOlive said...

What a garden!
My mother designed her house sideways to the road so she'd have nice views of the woods and "canyon" out back.