Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Year of Extending Ditz.

The Neurotic One always likes to find the smallest thing available to squeeze himself into. Must be a security thing. This is the pencil tray. Just another distraction for Ditz.

Well I guess we are settling into this year's routine now. I am still waiting on Bible & some English readers but the math has arrived so we have all our curriculum. As Ditz so helpfully pointed out, she only has two days when we focus on academics. I have been trying, not very sucessfully, to ignore the fact we will have so little time for school work ~ & one of those days I know Ditz will be extra tired. However I have Dearest's blessing on the madness & so far we seem to be managing.

This is the year for Extending Ditz. I am doing it. I'm leaving more & more of her work for Ditz to do unaided ~ something she's never been real keen on because, goodness gracious me! She might actually have to think! The choir director is doing it. (Ditz ain't complaining about that one). Her flute teacher is doing it. lol. Now that was interesting. He's lovely but ex~army & he works Ditz hard ~ mostly because she doesn't melt into floods of tears like some of the girls do. Now he has her as a private student he's gone for it. No easy grade 2 for Ditz. He's pushing her just that bit more at a grade 3 level & Ditz is coping just fine. Her first new piece needs vibrato (new for Ditz) & was in 2/5 time. ??? Now why is it that the child who is fussing about fractions can actually manage to count this? No, I don't know either. Oh, & Sian was ready to brain her at piano, Ditz was mucking round with her pieces so much ~ hamming it up, which is not the object! The ADD means she's hard put to use all her brains in a constructive manner but we are working on it & when I look back & think how far we've come...well, let's just sayDitz is bouncing round less like a yoyo & we have moments of actual maturity. And besides I do actually love her, warts & all. Ditz wouldn't be Ditz without her warts.

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