Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Art Work.

Ditz likes a variety of mediums. After watching Amadeus she really got into masks. We looked at lots of different ones on the net. Sadly the library didn't have too much information ~ at least not the sort we were after.

This is just watercolour pencils ~ minus the water. She did it for Theo for Christmas as he's into the animae sort of thing. At present she is into doing figures & finding out just how difficult it is to get them anatomically correct when you aren't interested in biology! Someone suggested 'life' classes but I don't think Ditz is up for those just yet!

Now bubbles are my thing but Ditz was so entranced with what I was trying to do she decided to have a go herself. The finesse sort of escaped her but the colours & overall effect works even if they do look more like escaped meoterites than floating air & water.


Constance said...

Is the mask one of her creations? It's really pretty!

Ganeida said...

Yep. We got the feathers, gold paint & flowery things at a craft shop. The mask is papier mache but a bought one. It has been sealed propely ~ she learnt a lot about procedure ~ & control. The khol lines from the eyes were really hard to do.

molytail said...

That mask is awesome - and so is the anime drawing and the bubbles...

"life classes" - would those be the sort of classes where you learn to draw the human form with an actual model?