Sunday, February 17, 2008

Drama, drama, drama.

My boys moved out...but they keep coming back. They were home for the weekend to play cricket. It's been wet here & the ground is slippery. I know. Ditz & I played soccer on it Saturday.

My Big Three (Dino, Theo & Liddy) went off to the cricket while Ditz & I headed for church. We'd just got home when Liddy came streaming in through the door flapping as only Liddy can, bleating something about Dino & demanding his wallet. Calmed her down enough to discover Dino had slipped returning a ball & dislocated his shoulder. Ouch! I followed her down to the jetty to talk to the ambos & see for myself just how wounded my little trooper was. Not good. Not pretty but Liddy, who has done the whole shoulder thing, said she was going over with him. Figured she'd be more empathetic that I (I am so not a good nurse) & left them to it.

Six hours later I picked up a pale & worn Liddy ~ no Dino. He's decided the wait for the boat was too long & had simply crashed at Theo's ~ probably in Theo's bed. Goodness knows where Theo ended up.

Oh, man. The lad's just started his course. It's his right arm (naturally...what else would he damage?); he's meant to be on a bus again Tuesday to return to school (can't see that happening) & he's an alwful patient ~ one of my hyper kinesthetic ones! Lovely. Fun & games at my house this week. Who else wants to play?


Constance said...

I'd say you have more than enough drama at your house. I believe I'll pass and not play along! Have a great week, in spite of...

Mrs. Darling said...

Dislocating a shoulder is sooo painful! Poor kid. Sounds like your household is busy as ever!:)