Friday, February 15, 2008

Show & Tell Friday.

If this is your first visit ~ Hi, & welcome to my world & my first show & tell Friday (great idea, by the way!). Technically it's Saturday here but it's not my fault. I am not responsible for the way the world spins.
Before Ditz decided she was a musician before she was an artist we took some art classes together ~ oils as being a little more forgiving than acrylics or water colours. I tend to be a little surrealistic & I am terrified of the unknown depths of the deep ocean. That being the case we won't get into why I live on an island surrounded by deep water on all sides. This was my attempt to convey something of the mysterious, frightening, surrealistic nature of water. My youngest son really likes this & has bagsed it for his own.
The red roses we grow thanks to my oldest boy who was a keen gardener & went through a rose fetish stage. The wooden bowl was crafted by my dad before he passed away & holds most of my shell collection (that's for another day) but the little wooden carving is a memento of Dearest & my European trip & is something of a joke. It is a model of a stave church & all through Norway I had Dearest, who couldn't in the least understand my obssession, stopping at every single one of these that I could find. They are fascinating. The walls are constructed of ''staves'' ~ whole tree trunks (I'm no architect so technically it's a little more complicated than that). They grew big trees in the 12th centuary! Small dragons are often perched atop the steep roof & little wooden crosses adorn the porches. The insides are often beautifully & inticately carved in the twining Celto/Scandanavian knotwork I so love. And of course they are very old. I like old things.


Hootin' Anni said...

Excellent show n tell. And welcome. Hope you find it fun, like I do. It's great to see what others cherish!!!

Happy weekend.

Penless Thoughts said...

My husband and I loved to visit old churches in our travels.

Persuaded said...

i like old things too:-)

and i like your painting, and your bowl and your roses!

how've you been of late?

Ganeida said...

Thank you ladies. It's always nice to find common ground for sharing. Persuaded, we're doing real good ~ just over extended & a bit tired, as always! lol.

PamperingBeki said...

Oh I LOVE wooden bowls! Everyone should own at least one. :)

Ganeida said...

I agree, pamperingbeki ~ especially one crafted by their dad.

Kelli said...

Welcome to show and tell Friday! I love old treasures and enjoyed looking at yours, beautiful!

MammyT said...

Hello Ganeida, I love the bowl your father made. And the church model is amazing. I'd never heard of those before. Fortunately I got a real good look when I enlarged the photo.
Your painting is ethereal - kind of like your fairyland images. Very nice.

Ganeida said...

Hi Kelli; welcome.

Hey, mammyt, I've seen you round one or 2 of the other blogs I haunt so feel I 'sort of' know you. Isn't the blogworld a funny place?

If you like my artwork, you may come again, lol. Not everyone does so you're a rare species. And if you liked the model you should definetly see the real thing. They are truely amazing.