Tuesday, February 19, 2008


The constant wet & humidity has made both Ditz & I pretty lethargic about schooling so when Ditz heard the postie toot she hurtled out the door. She was rewarded with THE PARCEL. Now Ditz adores parcels, even school parcels, & had her hands in the box before I'd finished slitting the tape. She tossed the readers aside charmed by the Chinese treasure chest & it was worth every cent to see Ditz excitedly examining everything. She has already experimented with the ink stone & calligraphy brush. Next to music Ditz adores art. There is so much to do & it all fits in with the red she chose to make her lanterns from. I guess I have a winner.

Even better, half heartedly looking the books over, Ditz's eyes lit up over Rascal & she has declared she is reading that first. A couple of others got the nod too & I finally have a bible curriculum ~ which is not what I thought it would be but is, perhaps, even better. That too is pretty hands on ~ in the sense of being arty & for a visual/spatial learner that's important. Now we have everything here we really must settle down & that should be easier with both boys out of the house.

After a shakey start with the math (always doubtful when neither of us can make head or tail of it) Ditz has got it & is moving ahead steadily, if not happily. She usually manages to sort it out trying to explain it to me but I remain as confused & mathamatically inept as I began. If I can't see it I can't do it & far too much math is too abstract for me. Ditz is luckier. She can usually see it given enough time & a prod in the right direction. I can happily prod.

Meanwhile the rain gushes down in thunderous bursts. All the northern rivers have overflowed their banks & the flood damage is running into the billions. My washing has been on the line for days getting a jolly good rinsing & the weeds are rampaging. I need mulch; lots & lots of mulch.


Constance said...

I'm looking forward to your posting some of her artwork! Dave's brother has a gift for artwork, I'm amazed at people who can do that just like people who have gorgeous voices lifted up in praise and worship! I'm the one who has a gift for the jobs no one else wants to do! I'm great at scrubbing floors and cleaning toilets!! All important jobs within the Body, I remind myself!

Mrs. Darling said...

Its always such a good feeling when a child actually likes the books! That happens rarely with Tink! I cant imagine all your humidity and rain. I think I would just shrivel up and die! I can stand anything over 75 degrees F and 20 percent humidity! Seriusly!

MamaOlive said...

Taryn has enjoyed Rascal at least once. And she does well in her books; I just don't prod enough. :-)

It is 2*C here today, but well do I remember San Antonio, with temps in the 90s F for months on end, and humidity in the 90s as well. It didn't rain often, but when it did rain, it flooded.

We all enjoy a package in the mail. :-)

Ganeida said...

Hope you actually enjoy the artwork:), Connie. We had an art teacher who was into realism. I like surrealism & Ditz decided my art was waaay more interesting so followed suite! Hm. I wish we had more time for it but that's another high time activity & we are doing less & less of it. It was very relaxing so I miss it.

Mrs D ~ I just breathed a sigh of relief that there was at least one book we weren't going to fight over her having to read. For a child who reads really, really well (& she actually does :)) she's incredibly picky. Her ADD makes it hard too unless I can remove all distractions; she usually ends up doing all her reading in her room with the radio blaring at full blast.

Olive, that sort of cold you can keep. :) Mind you, we've been wilting & I had feeling constanly damp & like a limp lettuce. Yucky, yucky.

molytail said...

What a fun looking kit! :-)

I've no artistic talent at all, nor can I sing -- Cindy has & can very well, and laughs her little butt off at me when I try either with her. *grin*

I'll trade you my snow for your rain? hahaha.