Thursday, February 14, 2008

And Back Again.

Some of the trees are big enough to live in. Ditz had just finished reading My Side of the Mountain when she first saw these burnt out trunks. Until that moment I think she thought such big trees were the figment of an over active imagination!

The tracks are narrow & winding but you get a good idea of each canopy. Ditz gets the credit for spotting a Wompoo pigeon. These have the most glorious colouring but are, unfortunately, quite rare.

The creeks & falls are really something ~ not that I was allowed the camera much. Trying to adjust my glasses so I could get this shot I dropped them in the rushing water & they were promptly swept into a deep crevice. Without them I couldn't see to fish them out again & Ditz had to come to my rescue! Yes, well, What can I say?

We had pretty good weather but Monday afternoon the clouds were gathering over the mountains again & by Tuesday morning the rain was bucketing down. We had to pack & dismantle the tent in a torrential downpour.

We packed everything under the tarp & got it stowed in the car before I dropped the tent & then we dropped the tarp over the tent & just rolled the whole lot up together. Sian & I got absolutely drenched but Ditz got to sit in the car & stay warm & dry.

I'm a fan of warm, comfortable beds & hot showers but coming back to reality is always hard & our part of the island is still a haven for the wildlife & bush. Still, we went from being surrounded by the wonderful things God made for us to enjoy to math curriculum (still unopened 3 days later :( ), peak hour traffic, & the busyness that constitutes Ditz's music program. Hard not to wish I was still deep in the Springbrook heartland.


Destination...Gloryland! said...

Wow, that's beautiful! It all sounds glorious!

Ganeida said...

It is. I wish we could go more often but Ditz's schedule is pretty tight ~ & that's before we take the rest of the household into consideration! And then there's the cat. I went away too soon after the last trip & he became really neurotic. Dearest was beside himself trying to comfort the poor creature.

Constance said...

Thanks for sharing! The first picture reminds me of the giant Sequoia trees we have seen in Yosemite and Sequoia/Kings canyond National Parks in california!

Ganeida said...

It's hard deciding what to talk about, Connie. The things Sian & I get excited about are not the things that generally interest outsiders. I'd like to see the Yosemite; I've heard it's spectacular. Maybe Ditz will sing in the States one day & I'll get to do that.