Friday, February 8, 2008

Away Again.

Ditz & I are away for a long weekend with our friend from Eliza's Interests. Barely 2 weeks into the new school year & I badly need a break but we won't get too many this year so we are making the most of it while we can.
The cat has expressed his feelings by piddling in my bag!! At least I hadn't packed it. He's getting worse.
We consoled Liddy by making trifle for desert & I did think with the boys away she would have some leftovers but we seem to have made great inroads & now there is barely enough for someone's breakfast. Sad to say someone will probably have it for breakfast.
I am taking Richard Foster's Celebration of Discipline away to reread. Up in the Springbrook hinterland is the perfect setting to meditate of the spiritual disciplines though I may have to abandon the 2 musos in order to get some peace & quiet. And girls, if you must sing in the car, can we not have I still call Australia Home. I really hate that song.

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Constance said...

Have fun and take your MP3 player to drown out enhusiastic girlies!