Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ditz's Art.

I crashed pictures of Ditz's artwork with the last blog but as I rather like her stuff I'm reposting it.

Wood Ducks: She has got the markings correct so we have 1 male & 1 female & they do tend to parade in a line like this.
This is a multi~media abstract. Ditz had huge amounts of fun experimenting with abstract. I like her sense of colour & movement. As is too be expected, realism is over~rated in my book so I actually really like this.
Not my favourite but all those little dots were hugely time~consuming & reminsent of Aboriginal artwork. I thought the handprints were a nice touch & just lifted the whole painting. Ditz really enjoyed experimenting with this but having done it once has never tried the dotty technique again. Can't think why. ;)
Ditz's minature toyshop. She made everything. It was a term's work with the adult class on the island & the ladies were so thrilled with her (small dexterous hands for the stuff they couldn't do) they got this rigged up with a working light & perspex front. Everything from the train set to the jack~in~the~box actually works.


molytail said...

i remember seeing these on your old blog - they're awesome! :-)

kimba said...

The dotty one is my favourite. Ditz won't mind me using it as wallpaper, will she?