Sunday, February 24, 2008

Going Purple.

Liddy has gone purple. Normally when Liddy feels in need of a change she gets her hair cut. We have been without a hairdressers since the old shops were torn down to make way for the new mini mart ~ which 12 months later is still not up & running! Yes, she could get it cut while on the mainland but when Liddy is on the mainland she wants to do other, more interesting things ~ like buy new soccer boots. I have refrained from posting pics of those but I thought about it, I really did. If she had bought another pair like the last lot, which were an iridescent, sparkling blue & quite something else, I might have, but this time she was far more conservative & stuck with black & white.

I refused to have anything to do with the hair, confining my remarks to something along the lines of being a little young to join the blue rinse set. Ditz, naturally, was charmed & wanted to know if she could dye her hair too but what Ditz wants is red & black racing stripes ~ naturally! I'm sure Alison would be absolutely delighted to have a member of her choir arrive with hair in red & black racing stripes.

Liddy has come a long, long way. After all my shy, diffident, reticent girl has to go to work looking like that for at least 8 weeks & you better believe she is going to hear all about it from every customer & all her workmates!


Mrs. Darling said...

Oh my. I dont feel ready for all that hair dye stuff with Tink. Thank goodness she hasnt mentioned it yet!

Anonymous said...

Go Liddy!


molytail said...

I've had purple! And green, and blue, and pink, and stripes of random colours and I forget what else. *grin* ... I calmed down as I got older and it's a full head of natural colour now, but it sure wasn't back then.

Cindy wanted to experiment two years ago, so she spent some time with pinkish red hair (I'll have to find a pic for ya) - it wasn't meant to be quite as bright as it was though! :-P

Constance said...

Having went through a son wanting the long and stringy hair look, all I can say is,
"this too shall pass".

Your kids are good kids, like my son and if that's as rebellious as it gets, we've been fortunate. I have learned through the years, (translates, acquired wisdom), to learn what battles to draw my line in the sand over. Hair isn't one of them!

Persuaded said...

my amelia dyed the last couple of inches of her hair red and blue a couple of years ago.. it actually looked pretty cute. i have always told the kids that i don't care what they wear as long as it's seasonally/weather appropriate and modest..... i refuse to fight battles on what is really a question of style, know what i mean?

your girlies look beautiful:-)

Ganeida said...

Oh, I'm not worried about the hair. Not that I like it but it's not mine....Just Liddy being creative. As you all say, better to save my head of steam for the important battles & I have Ditz still acomin'! If It's only hait with Ditz I shall be blessed indeed.