Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The first walk...

We have been in drought for the past 7 years. When it broke in Queensland there was major flooding. In Brisbane each downpour has been watched anxiously as each & every time the heavy rains bypassed our catchment areas. Dam levels fell to their lowest levels ever & water restrictions became ever more sever. We in the west are used to having water at the turn of a tap so the recent heavy rains have been very welcome. The Purling Brook Falls feeds one of our dams. It is the closest walk to our campsite & a nice little afternoon venture. As we eagerly began our walk we noted how far the water had recently overflowed its banks.
The we spotted yards of orange tape...
& what the raging waters had done to the rail over the top of the falls. The metal posts had been absolutely flattened! The walk was closed! And yet people were climbing through the fencing to walk over the unguarded path. It is a big drop to the bottom, all of it volcanic rock.
We walked what we could (out to the look out & back) & still saw an amazing variety of wildlife; daintly blue wrens, water dragons, crayfish & joy of joys, a pair of yellow robins!

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Constance said...

last May we had a lot of flooding her in Texas. Some people act like they don't have the common sense that God gave them when it comes to taking unnecessary risks. Dave has a brother whom, I swear, one day will fall off a mountainside or something, trying to take video footage. He makes us all a nervous wreck!

Camping...I LOVE to camp! Like you, I am very proficient and have tons of experience. Most of it learned through trial and error! Have fun!