Monday, February 4, 2008

Ditz & the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Some days are just like that. At 6.30am Dino wanted to be picked up from the jetty so I toddled down. No parking. There's never any parking, not even at 6.3o in the morning so I pulled into the bus stop. The bus won't arrive till 7.30 so I should be fine. Next thing I know, a marked patrol car is cruising past. I cringe. My tires are bald enough for the wire to be coming through. (Side note: I've been waiting since before Xmas for our garage to get me 2 new tires.) The cops cruise past because my little red rocket looks pretty respectable. Dino arrives & I turn on the car. NO battery!!! Two marked cars are now parked on the hill & all the blue uniforms stood round while Dino gave me a push & I clutch started my poor little car (which has been running fine ever since. What's with that?) I slunk home in one almighty hurry.

Ditz's violin lesson went overtime.....The rain bucketed.....I cancelled shopping & decided the math test could easily be finished off. Now I admit I have been spoilt. Neither of my girls have been prone to tempermental, hormonal outbursts. Ditz will occassionally say, 'Tantrum starting...tantrum ending,' as a bit of a joke when she's objecting to something but the full blown tears & hysterics have pretty much passed us by. Well, I got the works today. I think Ditz has been saving up for a special occassion.

Now a good 1/2 of this math paper I didn't expect Ditz to do because we haven't covered the work but how did the little girl who loves graphs & graphing suddenly 'forget' how it's done? Turn 3D shapes into flat ones? Nope, not today. Didn't want to know about it. We had tears. We had the blanket over the head. We had the hysterics. It literally went on for hours while I grew fraught. It's simply exhausting & it just had to be done. Area? Not if she had to think. Not if she actually had to write her working out down. And at the point when I wanted to throw back my head yelling, 'Tantrum starting!', I discover she's used her horse & common & answered a question I know for sure we haven't even touched upon! Three days it's taken for Ditz to do this test. Thank goodness it wasn't timed.

Finally, finally, finally I bundled the rotten thing up, popped it into it's envelope & sent Ditz to the mail with it. Completely different child returned. My sweet sunny Ditz re~emerged & we consoled ourselves by making Diane's fudge recipe. If anything I hate math even more than Ditz does & the fudge is very good. Not in the least like Rocky Road.


Constance said...

Doing the magazine covers was a fun idea wasn't it? Fudge has a way of making everything so much better. I remember her artwork fro an earlier post. My favorites were the toy shop, (so much detail) and the Aborigine artwork! Have a happy week!

molytail said...

are you driving my car and raising my girl?? right down to the bad weather, bald tires, and a child that you *know* can do, refusing.

yep. understanding here.


Mrs. Darling said...

I can feel your relief at having those tests out of the way. What a day you had. Things can only look up from here! :)

Ganeida said...

All I can say is choir starts this week so I have a huge negotiater ~ & Ditz knows it. Unfortunately in my heart of hearts all my sympathies are with Ditz. Why should she have to do msth she hates? If she was in school she could get away with not doing it like I did. Oh, I sat in classes but I never did any of the work but because she's home & I want her better educated than I was we both suffer. :)

Persuaded said...

Poor little Ditz....and poor mama. We are math phobic around here as well, so I am well acquainted with the scenes a test can produce *shudders*

glad the fudge helped;-)