Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The country is very steep, very rugged with sheer drops of thousands of feet but the views are spectacular. The last morning Ditz stayed in bed but Sian & I walked out to the lookout & saw the mist rising from the valley floor in curious swirls & spirals that made the whole country look ancient & Gondawanish.
Yes, it is summer here but as you enter the rainforest the temperature plummets & by the time you descend to the valley floor it can get bitterly cold. I always go well rugged up.
The Purling Brooks falls 12 miles, 31/2 hours walking to a series of tranquil pools. It only takes us that long. Most people manage to get in & out in a couple of hours but we get distracted by all sorts of things & for us it is never about the destination but about what we see along the way.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos; lovely country.

One of the nice things about where I live now is that there are yellow-tailed black cockatoos locally. I hear them quite often and had one in next door's backyard for about half an hour one day.


Ganeida said...

Thank Ditz for the photos ~ & she likes taking them.