Sunday, November 25, 2007

Weekend Insanity.

I got pluerisy after my twins were born. My lungs are not what they used to be. I have had a niggle in my left lung for nearly two weeks but while it was getting no better it was getting no worse either so given how much I just love doctors & medications I ignored the thing & continued more or less as normal. Life does not stop because mum is sick.

Friday, after the surgery is shut & the only 2 medical options available are 1. put myself on a boat & drive myself to emergency & wait on my own for hours on end in a disease infected environment for treatment that may or may not be available or 2. call out the ambulance & go through the above procedure, my left lung decides to have the sort of serious tantrum I can no longer ignore. I was in pain. I was reaching that point where not breathing was a better option than breathing ~ not a good place to go & not helped by Ditz hovering going,'You can't die.' Thanks, Ditz. I made myself an inhaler & breathed noxious fumes until the worst of the pain had subsided, dosed mysef with Vix, took a painkiller & went to bed.

Saturday was quite bearable & I slept most of the day having decided I'd ask the elders to pray for me at church in the morning, which they did. I felt heaps better though the niggle was still there.

Now this is the insane bit. We an an inter island soccer game Sunday arvo. Ditz was keen. Liddy wanted to sit in the sun & watch because she had a bunged up knee from her game Saturday. I put my shoes in the car thinking I'd just stand on the pitch in the sun to make the 11th man, which for most of the game is exactly what I did. I did not run. I did not exert myself in any way at all. The occassional ball rolled my way & I booted it as far from me as possible. However, just as the 2nd half got under way I moved to intercept a throw in. Unfortunately one of our teens also had his eye on the ball & went to banana kick it as I moved forward. End result: a knee to my solar plexus. I dropped like a load of lead completely unable to breath at all.

I was dragged off the pitch moaning & groaning, with Liddy scolding, 'You're not going back out there.' I did not want to go back out there. The thing is, when I was finally able to breathe again, whatever was blocking my lung had shifted & I was breathing easily for the first time in 2 weeks. I wouldn't recommend it as a way to be healed & I am still making a doctor's appointment this morning but you wouldn't believe it, would you.

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sevenwhiskers said...

oh i believe it - but i wouldn't want to try it! :-P

i hope you make that appt - i've become quite a bit more jaded toward the medical profession over the last few years, but there are times that something may require a bit more than a kick to the front! :-o