Friday, November 23, 2007

We have the best sports oval going.

I thought I'd add this one for fun. This is our sports oval. When all else fails we use the view as a distraction for oppossing teams. Somewhere in this photo my sons are strutting their stuff. They are the team's fast bowlers. I'm told they're fast, accurate & deadly. I wouldn't know. Unless someone is actually shattering the bails at the time I think cricket is a pretty dull way to pass the time. I can stand to watch for about an hour & hope to goodness that my sons do something spectacular in that time. Their best mate, who is taller than the two of mine put together, plays wickie.

We play soccer down here too. It's not uncommon to find Ditz standing in the middle of the pitch *stargazing*. It's nesting season & the maggies are dive bombing everything that moves out there at present so you'll see frantic kids scuttling away from the ball with their hands whirlwinding wildly & a ballistic black & white bird hot on their tail!

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