Sunday, November 4, 2007

The most horrible show on t.v.

I don't watch much t.v; actually I can't watch this particular show. It's Dino's favourite. He even watches it at sea: The Deadliest Catch.

If you're lucky you've never caught this show either & for the life of me I can't see what the attraction is for a lad who has had enough close calls of his own but there it is. This is horrific reality t.v.

These are the men who crab the Bering Sea during what may very well be the shortest crab season in the world. I know it is one of the most dangerous. This is a show I have to walk away from. I just find it too distressing. Last week one of the boats went down Out of 6 crew members only one survived & three were never found. Within hours another boat lost a man overboard. Without a life suit you get exactly 3 minutes survival time in the water. Besides, the sight of all those big seas & heaving decks makes me sea sick without getting anywhere near the water.

The crabs bring extraordinary money but I wouldn't eat one if you paid me & no crab, however tasty, is worth a man's life. Men are most extraordinary creatures. I know Dino would dearly love to try this. I pray God he never gets the chance!


Constance said...

That show, on the Discovery Channel here in Texas is very popular. I have always been afraid of water so I can't even think about watching it. My 17 year old son loves it though!

sevenwhiskers said...

yep it airs here as well - i saw part of an episode one day but wasn't all that interested...i didn't realise it was THAT dangerous.. you've got me more curious about the show now...