Saturday, November 10, 2007

ramblings of a temperature crazed nanoist.

Anyone who really wants to know what goes on in my warped little mind may scroll to the bottom of the page & link to my nano. I wouldn't recommend it unless you are very stout of heart. Why a non~confrontational pacifist with Quaker inclinations writes bloodthirsty fantasy I do not know. Maybe I just have a a schizophrenic personality. Maybe it's my way of venting.

Meanwhile, in the real world the rain is coming down in bucket loads & the cat is having a meltdown. Unfortunately he is having it all over me & as we are going into summer & he is a double coated animal I am staring to feel like I am growing a fur coat, he has shed so much fur over me. I am running a raging temperature & do not need a fur coat. No wonder the cat's psychotic.

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Constance said...

I'm hoping the forecast for tomorrow holds true where we are supposed to get some rain. It's still very warm here in Texas and it's November, we're into our Fall season here and should be somewhat cooler. I wouldn't want to be wearing a fur coat these days, especially of cat hair since I'm highly allergic!