Saturday, November 3, 2007

Spiritual Explosives.

I prayer partner with Ditz's piano teacher & her mother, the Raven. While Ditz tinkles & does silly things with her voice the Raven & I go into a huddle & discuss the scriptures or pray.

Saturday we took ourselves off because I had had an e~mail from the ensemble people about Ditz auditioning & I'd just about fainted. AUS 375 per term!!!! This is a sizable fortune for people like us. For the life of me I couldn't see how we could afford it despite also knowing it is really, really good value for money. The sort of training Ditz would get is professional & not something we could get on the island. I'm also used to the Lord dropping explosives in my lap then telling me not to panic & trust Him. Ha! I was panicking all right!

So we were two in agreement & where two or three are gathered together...

So we went to prayer. I felt the Lord was saying yes; The Raven said ''the Lord said, I will lead you & guide you in the way you should go.' All very nice but there are practicalities to these things & money is calculated to a nicety in this house. Besides the child is up to her eyebrows in things as it is. Just the same I know the Lord has been giving us everything we need just when we need it, especially music things, which are really rare on the island but every single time Ditz has needed something it has magically appeared, from music teachers to instruments. Now I have a mainland car (thanks Lid) & this is still local.

So I approached Dearest, who is the 'Money Man'. I do the week to week juggling & I can save, which Dearest, bless his little cotton socks, can't do at all, but Dearest is the Planner & calculator & if there was a way then he was the man to find it. Frankly I had given up before we'd started, regretfully but I just couldn't see it happening, & Ditz, who didn't dare hope & was terrified of voicing dissappointment, was skulking about with her ears flapping in the wind any time the word 'money' got mentioned. I left Dearest to it not expecting an answer any time soon but he got back to me within hours having found a way to do it & also convinced the Lord wants our child properly trained. I am gob smacked. Dearest sees it as an investment & as he pointed out, I'm the one who will be stuck with dragging the child hither & thither. I can see me getting a lot of reading done.

I am still terrified. Seriously, what a responsibility God has given us trusting us with the training of this child & what if she is a brilliant musician but sacrifices her soul in the process as so many have done?! I don't like roller coaster rides but I think God does. I'm hanging on for grim death & He's going Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaargh!

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Constance said...

That is pretty exciting news! If God opens the door for her she'll have marvelous opportunities to serve Him. Maybe this is what God will use in her life to mold her more into the image of our Savior!