Thursday, November 1, 2007

Birthday treat.

Liddy is terribly sweet to me sometimes. She decided I should be taken out to tea for my birthday. Where we went is to the new string of restraunts along the lakeside which accommodates outside eating along the boardwalk ~ but of course it was just an excuse to go out in her car! She bought seat covers & a steering wheel cover, black with brillant blue paw prints over them. Naturally Ditz is now refering to the car as Pawz while I say it should be Pause. Liddy is not impressed with either of us.

Nothing could show how different Liddy & I are in our thinking than where we chose to sit along the boardwalk. Liddy chose the closed in view of the malaluka swamp because it makes her feel secure. It just makes me feel claustrophobic so I sat where I had the widest, most open view & then exclaimed over the variety of wildlife I could see ~ moor hens, ducks, egrets, a frill~necked lizard, jumping fish (Liddy thought I was making them up) crows, naturally. Liddy doesn't move past the general impression that her surroundings are pleasant so I was driving her quite nuts.

What we did agree on was the food. We agreed the roast pumpkin salad sounded heavenly (aren't you glad we didn't let you come Ditz? Pumpkin! Yum!) but so did the chicken in Djion mustard & white wine sauce so in the end we ordered one of each & shared the meals between us. By the time we got to dessert our waitress wanted to know if we were sharing those as well. We didn't, though we tasted.

We had a really lovely time but then Liddy & I generally get along quite well together. Working in retail has made her super chatty & she was having such a conversation with our waitress that I thought she actually knew the girl. Meanwhile the drinks waiter turned his back on me & flirted outrageously with Liddy which so cracked me up because Liddy was completely oblivious & I knew she was. Poor boy. He was so wasting his time. Liddy's the super fussy sort.

Meanwhile Ditz was fussing because there was a car available, all hers, (in your dreams Ditz!) & she had yet to lay eyes on it so she was super excited to be going over to community band because it meant going in Liddy's car & seeing as Liddy wasn't comming she got the front seat. I was less happy. I was tired & not terribly sure where I was going but despite taking a small detour because I was in the wrong lane & one wrong turn we managed quite well. It's always better coming home.


Constance said...

When I go my new car a few months ago I bought Cheetah print steering wheel cover and seat covers. My beloved asked me if that was all that was available? I told him no but that since this was MY car, I could do as I pleased! He yanks the steering wheel cover off every time he drives it!

The menu sounds wonderful and yummy! What a nice treat!

When I am out and about with any one of my daughters but especially the youngest one, Laura, I am completely ignored! I sit back and enjoy watching some guy going all goofy around my gorgeous girls!


sevenwhiskers said...

i put a winnie the pooh steering wheel cover on ours and dh always threatened to tear it off and toss it from the window LOL -- he was happy the day i finally removed it because it was filthy (from him mainly, coming home from work) and starting to fall apart....i'm still looking for another cute one and i can see it being paws here as well if i ever see one LOL

i'd much prefer your view at the boardwalk :-)