Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bits & Pieces.

I couldn't resist this one: Christianity with attitude!

The NaNo is inching towards 30 000 but the Ditz & I are going away for the weekend to Springbrook. Three days with a friend! We hope to do the long all day walk & see the firefly caves. The bugs should be in their luminesent stage now & glowing in the dark like Tinkerbelle. I am still wogy & not sure how well I will do but we have been planning this for months & I wouldn't miss it for the world. I'm borrowing Libby's camera ~ if I can find it, so piccies when I get back. Basically this is Ditz's graduation treat because being homeschoolers we don't do dances & stuff. I mean, people do, it's just we don't.

Seeing as the cat was a psychotic mess after yesterday, when he was the only one left in the house (even Dearest was out all day) I can't think what state he'll be in when I get home. Two concerts for Ditz yesterday & full on rehearsals. Would you believe it, the child was perfectly happy & not the least bit tired?! I wish I could get that sort of focus & concentration for her school work.


Constance said...

I loved the "Christianity With Attitude" picture. It would go over really well at our church, where we have a Motorcycle Ministry!

I'll be gone for a while, going home to Missouri to celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday with family.

Enjoy your little excursion and I hope the cat doesn't need to be sedated while you're gone! Ha Ha!


sevenwhiskers said...

i love that pic too - my cousin/best friend and a lot of his buddies are all bikers...i'll have to show that to him LOL